Is dental insurance worth it?

Is dental insurance worth it?

These days, insurance companies offer coverage for just about any life event imaginable. It isn’t always clear which forms of protection are necessary and which are a waste of money. Take dental insurance. Is dental insurance worth it, or is your hard-earned money better spent elsewhere?

Dental Insurance Premiums: Are They Worth the Cost?

Many forms of insurance are designed to be a safety net: you pay a premium now, so if an accident happens later, you don’t get hit with an even bigger bill. But when your budget is tight, it’s hard to fork up money for a “what if.”

Dental insurance works differently. With dental insurance, you don’t just protect yourself from high risk and catastrophic claims. Dental insurance offers tangible benefits and cost savings right off the bat. And for many people, this difference alone makes dental insurance worth the cost.

For example, our dental plans cover 100% of costs toward preventive care — exams, cleanings, and fluoride treatments that help prevent more expensive things like cavities from happening in the first place. It’s easy to see the savings add up. To illustrate the value of dental benefits, let’s compare dental care costs for a family of four with and without dental benefits. Over the course of the year, let’s say each family member gets their twice-annual preventive visits and each person needs a cavity filled:

An Example of Dental Insurance Cost Savings
Dental service fees are shown for illustrative purposes only. Premium rates are dependent upon your location and your plan types. Review all plan Limitations and Exclusions for specific plan information. Check your specific plan details, as preventive coverage may vary.

Need Dental Insurance Right Now?

We offer 5 dental plans with different coverage and monthly premiums.

Strong Dental Networks Give you the Biggest Bang for your Buck

Another cost savings to consider before you buy is the size of the a dental network on your plan. A general rule of thumb: larger networks usually mean companies can negotiate biggersavings.

Is Dental Insurance Worth it for You?

Every person’s situation is different. When deciding on a dental insurance plan, know the factors and crunch the numbers. Estimating costs ahead of time helps you make an informed decision about dental insurance and plan for the year ahead.

If you are still unsure, take a closer look at our dental plans for help understanding your coverage options.