Washington Dental Services Launches TriForza to Drive Digital Transformation Across the Oral Health Industry

Washington Dental Services (WDS), the parent company of Delta Dental of Washington and a leading innovator in the oral healthcare industry, today announced the launch of TriForza, a new business providing scalable IT solutions to help dental benefits companies reduce administrative costs, improve their customer’s experiences, and make data-driven decisions.

TriForza will leverage the investments made by WDS in 8 West Consulting in late 2023 bringing together business, product, and technical expertise in dental. The launch of TriForza underscores WDS's dedication to leveraging technology to innovate within the dental industry, improve access to dental care for all, and enhance customer experiences.

"TriForza brings together a complete, integrated suite of dental payer solutions coupled with best-in-class software development and services,” said WDS and Delta Dental of Washington President & CEO Mark Mitchke. "TriForza accelerates our mission to disrupt, innovate, and transform our industry while maintaining a sharp focus on enhancing experiences for customers, members, providers and broker partners."

TriForza’s comprehensive benefit management solutions


A highly configurable Benefits Management solution that combines a suite of capabilities designed to manage all aspects of claims processing for dental benefit companies, including eligibility and billing and is extensible to vision benefits and other ancillary lines.


A modular utilization management tool, which includes fraud, waste and abuse management and employs AI to significantly improve claims processing for payers.

Digital Platform

A suite of self-service portals, specific to each client company, delivering optimal online and mobile experiences for dental payer customers, members, providers and broker partners. The Digital Platform is powered by the cloud for scalability and promotes user adoption and self-service to improve customer experience and reduce administrative costs.

Contact Center

A customer self-service and agent experience solution which facilitates the highest quality of support to members, providers, and payers across chat, voice, SMS and email.

Online Reporting

A flexible reporting and analytics solution which combines an easy-to-use interface with a broad set of capabilities, enabling brokers, groups and payers to turn data into actionable insights.

Discover how TriForza can transform dental benefits administration and significantly improve customer and provider experiences at www.TriForza.com.