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Top 10 questions

I'm a patient. Where can I get my ID card?
If you didn't receive a copy of your ID card in the mail, you can download and print it through your MySmile personal benefits center online account.
How do I become a member dentist?
Complete the online application packet. If you have questions, our Provider Services Team can help. Give us a call at 1-800-238-3439.
I'm a dentist. How do I check the status of a submitted claim?
You can check claim status by signing into your provider online account. Select the Check Claim Status option under Track Claims and Payments.
I'm a dentist and need to change my Tax Identification Number. What's the process?
Complete a TIN Change notification form and submit to Provider Services. See provider forms.
How do I create my employer online account?
You can't create your online account yourself. In order to establish access, we verify each new user meets specific criteria to access the protected health information of your employees. Please contact your Delta Dental Representative to get set up.
I'm an employer. Why do I get an error message that "multiple matches are found" when trying to add an employee?
The person you're trying to enroll may already be in our system. As a means to protect the privacy of our members and keep HIPAA protected information secure, our service representatives can help determine if this is an exact match or another person with the same or similar name and birth date. Once it's determined that the existing member is, in fact, your new employee, you will have access to their information once they are enrolled on your group plan. Simply email the enrollment form to your service representative and they will add the new employee to your plan.
I'm a patient. How can I get an out-of-pocket cost estimates for treatments covered by my benefits?

Sign in to your MySmile account and use MySmile Cost Genie℠. It gives you instant, out-of-pocket cost estimates based on your benefits and dentist.

If your dentist recommends an expensive or complex treatment plan, we recommend working with them to request a Predetermination. Once submitted, you'll receive a Confirmation of Treatment and Costs. It's a comprehensive estimate based on your benefits and your dentist's detailed treatment plan.

If you receive unexpected charges, please call our Customer Service Team.

I'm a patient. What's my ID number and where can I find it?
Your ID number is a 2-18 combination of letters and numbers. You can find it on your ID card. Once you've created and signed in to your account, you'll be able to find your Member ID number and print your ID card.
How do I get appointed as a producer?
Complete the forms and submit to to get appointed by Delta Dental with the Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner. Questions? Call 1-206-528-7351.
I'm a producer. How do I contact a representative?
You can find contact information for small and large group sales teams, resources for online tools, and more in our producer help section.

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