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What is the minimum number of employees needed to purchase a Delta Dental small business plan?

Eligible groups must have a definite employer-employee relationship, with a minimum of 2 full-time employees. Full-time employment is defined as a minimum of 20 hours per week. (Full-time employees hired in a temporary or seasonal capacity are not eligible for coverage.)

Is the minimum number of employees the same for every small business plan?

No, DeltaCare and Maximum Wellness both have a minimum of 10 employees and PPO Core Buy up A, B and C has a minimum of 5 employees

How does Delta Dental cover my employees in other states?

Delta Dental will cover employees out of the state of Washington. Employees will be responsible for having their dentist submit claims to Delta Dental for reimbursement when treatment is received outside Washington state. Payment is based on either the dentist's charge or the amount that would have been payable if treatment was provided by a Delta Dental member dentist, whichever is less. If the dentist is a member of his or her state Delta Dental plan, payment is based on the dentist's approved or filed fee with that state.

Delta Dental also participates in a nationwide product-designed specifically for multistate employer groups. This multi-product line offers Washington employers the advantage of centralized, single-site administration with us. Employees may select from more than 118,000 participating providers nationwide.

Can I print ID cards for my employees? If so, how?

Yes, employers have the ability to print out a generic ID card for their employees. The employer will need access to the Online Enrollment tool to print generic ID card(s). The groups that the employer is able to print ID cards for are based on their Online Enrollment permissions.

When will my group be effective?

Provided we receive all the required information within five business days prior to the end of a month, coverage will be effective the first day of the following month.

I am a small business owner and would like to use a broker to assist with questions and enrollment how do I find someone?

Please contact the small business email or phone number, our team will assist in finding a broker to fit your need.
Or call 206-528-5335

Can I print ID cards for my employees? If so, how?

Yes, employers may print out a generic ID card for their employees. The employer will need access to the Online Enrollment tool to print generic ID card(s). The Online Enrollment Groups the employer can print are based on Online Enrollment permissions.
For help with this process download our Print Generic Group ID Cards Guide. New individual members may also enroll in MySmile their personal online portal and print or download their own ID Card from the dashboard.

Whom do I call with claim and premium billing questions?

All questions on claims should be directed to our Customer Service Department at (800) 554-1907 or text 833-604-1246. Delta Dental assigns each group a Group Administrative Representative who will be able to answer all premium billing questions. If you are not sure who your Group Administrative Representative is, you can call the general Group Administrative number, (800) 408-9850.

Whom do I contact to order supplies?

You can contact Delta Dental at SRequest@DeltaDentalWA.com or call (206) 528-2390. When placing a request for supplies, please be as specific as possible on your request to ensure that we send you the correct materials. When requesting directories, be sure to specify which directory; for example, DeltaCare Delta Dental PPO Plan.

Can my business exclude some employees form the plans offered?

The offering of a benefit plan may differ among employees based only on bona fide employment-based classifications, such as part-time versus full-time status. To determine if the classification of employees is permissible within an offering of a benefit plan, consult legal counsel. Regardless of employee classification, all group plans with Delta Dental of Washington require a minimum enrollment of two employees.

Whom do I contact if I have more questions?

Need quick answers for small business questions, email: SmallGroupTeam@deltadentalwa.com Or call 206-528-5335 or toll free 877-404-0364
For all other business needs or to learn more about us, our plans and how we can work for you.
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Email: Webinfo@DeltaDentalWA.com
Local phone: (206) 528-2390
Toll free: (800) 572-7835 x 2390
Text: (833) 604-1246