Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: At Delta Dental of Washington, we (individually and collectively) have a responsibility and platform to transform the oral health industry to ensure all people have good oral health, with no one left behind.
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Our Mission, Vision and Values drives everything we do.

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We recognize that systemic inequities are real and exist in oral health; we must listen, seek to understand, and take actions to unlock our potential to drive change.

Not all communities have equal access to good oral health.


1Source: 2015-2016 Washington State Smile Survey
2Source: 2018 Washington State Department of Health Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System Survey Data

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We are committed to confronting and eliminating inequity throughout our company and to working courageously with our partners and our communities to be a champion for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in Washington.
DEI In Action: Here are some of the ways we’re moving forward.
Dentistry needs diversity
Expanding diversity in the dental professions.

Members of historically underrepresented communities need healthcare providers that look like them.

Dental Workforce Diversity Program 
Our commitment to progress
What DEI means.

Why it matters to the people we serve, our employees and our business partners.

Why DEI matters 
Provider Profiles
Provider profiles

Hear from our network dentists about what diversity, equity and inclusion means to them.

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Want to be a part of a high performing team, where each individual is valued and can thrive?

Arcora Foundation
Arcora Foundation

Our shared mission means focusing on oral health access in communities where disparity is highest.

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Our policy work
Our policy work

Is a key approach to improving oral and overall health for all with no one left behind.

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Many of the people we serve in WA state are being left behind in oral health, particularly communities of color, low-income, and rural communities in Washington. To reach these left-behind communities, we must start with creating diverse teams, equitable systems and processes, and an internal culture of inclusion. Our world and our lives are richer – culturally, economically, personally – when all people have the opportunity to succeed and thrive.

Mark Mitchke, CEO

We all deserve to be happy and live free from the burdens of negative judgments, poor health, poverty, and other social ills that are perpetuated by inequitable treatment and inequitable access to resources. I am optimistic about our shared opportunity to lead the nation in transforming our company, the Foundation, and our communities through creating a more diverse and inclusive world where we all belong and are valued.

Vanetta Abdellatif, President & CEO of Arcora Foundation

By living our value of being inclusive and adopting inclusive behaviors, we create a space where colleagues can share unique perspectives, respect one another’s individual needs, and reach their full potential without barriers – we not only improve team effectiveness, but we also foster an environment of trust and build strong social connections.

Karen Aliabadi, Chief Human Resource Strategist
Community Impact: Our support for WA communities.

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