Provider Profiles

Dr. Leroy Horton

Dr. Leroy Horton and BIPOC Representation in Dentistry

Dr. LeRoy Horton didn’t always know he wanted to be dentist. He just knew that he wanted to help people.

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Dr. Nhi Pha

Dr. Nhi Pha: Service to Community

As a former Vietnamese refugee, Dr. Nhi Pham understands the importance of breaking down barriers when it comes to treating her patients. In fact, breaking down barriers is pretty much her MO.

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Dr. Walberto Cantu

Dr. Walberto Cantu and the Importance of Community

Born in Mexico and raised in tight-knit family in a small conservative town, the idea of community has always been central to Dr. Cantu’s life.

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Dr. Richard Ansong

Dr. Richard Ansong and the Celebration of Heritage

Growing up in Ghana, West Africa in a family of 6 boys, Dr. Ansong’s identity is nothing if not unique.

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