Why Do Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Matter?

Why DEI matters

Let’s start by defining Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI).

To accomplish our mission and reach our vision we need to:

  • Build teams of diverse people
  • Ensure equitable access to resources and opportunities
  • Foster an inclusive culture

Why? Because DEI serves our 3 key stakeholder teams:

The people we serve

We serve people of many races, colors, religions, national origins, ages, abilities, gender identities, sexual orientations, income levels, and other forms of diversity.

We know that inequity exists -- some groups experience good oral health, other groups do not.

Data shows these groups are more likely to be left behind in terms of good oral health:

  • People in lower-income households
  • Children who speak a language other than English at home
  • Many populations of color including Black, Hispanic, Native American and Pacific Islanders
  • People who live in rural communities

We need to understand and support the needs, desires, and challenges of all of our members. So, we need people from these communities working in our organization.

Our Team’s Performance

Our mission’s work requires hard working, high performing teams.

Research shows that diverse teams with equitable and inclusive cultures outperform other teams.1 Diverse teams bring a broader array of lived and professional experiences to the table, so they have a wider set of ideas to draw from. Building an inclusive culture empowers individuals from historically underrepresented groups to safely share ideas and reduces bias so the team can incorporate those ideas. Diverse teams also focus more on facts, which results in accuracy and better decision-making.2

The result: diverse and inclusive teams are more innovative.

Our Employees

Every employee feels valued when their unique blend of professional and lived experiences, skills, and talents are valued and welcomed in the organization.

Each of us thrive when our systems and processes are free of bias and provide give everyone access to resources and opportunities.

We all feel included when our workplace is inclusive of people from all backgrounds.

When DEI in the workplace create these positive experiences for all employees, we all benefit from it.