How to get dental insurance

how to get dental insurance

If you’re considering adding dental insurance to your life, you may have a question or two about how to get it. The truth is, there is more than one way to get access to dental insurance, but the way you do it depends entirely on your situation. Let’s break the different ways people typically get dental insurance.

3 Ways to Get Dental Insurance

Get Dental Insurance Through a Group Plan

Dental coverage through group plans are one of the most common ways people tend to get dental insurance. Group dental plans are usually provided through employers to employees. In this case, someone at your company will help you choose and enroll in a dental plan that best meets your needs. The good thing about getting dental insurance through your employer is that premiums are usually taken from your paycheck which makes it easy to budget.

Get Dental Insurance Through the Health Benefits Exchange

If you’re on a budget and in need of dental care, the Health Benefits Exchange is one way to get dental coverage. Dental plans available on the benefits exchange are designed for low or fixed-income families with varying budgets. We offer two affordable dental plans through the benefits exchange. You need to purchase a dental plan in conjunction with a health insurance plan on the benefits exchange. In Washington state, exchange information can be found on the Washington Health Plan Finder web site:

Need Dental Insurance Right Now?

We offer 5 dental plans with different coverage and monthly premiums.

Get Dental Insurance Through a Standalone Plan

You might be surprised to learn that we also offer standalone dental plans. These plans are designed for people who don’t get dental coverage through a group plan or through the benefits exchange. Standalone dental plans can be used with or without health insurance.