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Dental plan options for retirees

Healthcare coverage is a key factor to consider when planning for retirement. Making the right decisions now can keep you healthy and save money down the road.

Dental plan options for retirees

Overlooking dental coverage as you plan for retirement can lead to some unpleasant surprises. Medicare doesn’t cover most dental services and paying out-of-pocket as you go doesn’t guarantee savings.

Medicare Part A only covers certain dental services you may receive in a hospital as part of your treatment for another medical condition. Medicare doesn’t cover dental services needed to keep your smile healthy. These services include dental visits, cleanings, fillings, crowns and dentures. Without dental benefits, dental care can cost a lot. In fact, the average cost of a preventive dental visit (exam, cleaning, x-ray, and fluoride) is $250-$300 in Washington State. Crowns and implants can cost thousands of dollars without dental coverage.

Oral health conditions, like gum disease, are even connected to other chronic health conditions like diabetes and heart disease.

Our Individual and FamilySM plans are a great way for you to protect your oral health in retirement.

Here are dental plan overviews to help you select the one that’s right for you:

Enhanced Plan
It’s similar to familiar group coverage you have through your employer. You pay a percentage of the cost for services and the plan pays the rest. Preventive services are covered at 100% which means you pay nothing out-of-pocket for these services when you see an in-network dentist.

Classic Plan
With this plan, you pay a percentage of the cost for services, including preventive care. This plan has no annual commitment so you may terminate your coverage at any time.

Basic Plan
Exams, cleanings and x-rays are covered at 100% after a $15 copay for office visits. This is a prevention-focused plan, with limited coverage for other services.

Clear Plan
With this plan, you pay fixed copays for dental services. There are also no deductibles, no waiting periods, and no annual dollar maximums.

You deserve a happy, healthy retirement. An Individual and Family plan makes it easy for you to get the dental care you need.

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