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We’re here to help you guide your clients through their dental benefits decisions.

Legislative Update

We believe in driving positive change and are committed to keeping you up to date with local legislative efforts and wins that impact the dental industry. Explore the link below to delve into legislative developments, illustrating how Delta Dental is dedicated to advancing oral health for the well-being of community members.

Member Dentist Reimbursement Model

We believe that all people deserve to enjoy good oral health, and that our Member Dentist partners should be rewarded for providing quality care and access to those in need. That's why we introduced an updated reimbursement model for General Practitioners and Pedodontists in 2020.

Group Voluntary Retiree Plan

Learn more about this value-add plan that your clients can offer to their retiring employees at no cost and no administration to the employer. For groups with 2,000 or more subscribers.

DeltaCare managed care plan for 10-99 employees

Our redesigned Peak and Base plans have rich benefits and affordable orthodontia copays at a lower premium when compared to traditional PPO plans. Download our flyers and comparison chart here.

10% Commission on Vision (even to existing clients)

Read the top questions received from brokers at the March 14 I&F DeltaVision Webinar with VSP.

The FAQ includes information about a new program for brokers adding DeltaVision at renewal. And in case you missed it there is a link to the webinar recording.

Bringing Oral Health to Your Clients’ Doors

Learn more about Jet Dental and how they can help your clients make it easy to provide great dental care to their employees. Talk to your Client Manager and download our informational flyer.

Top I&F open enrollment questions

Do your open enrollment clients have difficult questions? Read our top question and answer FAQ.

Sales Tools to grow your business

Help your new small business clients understand the low costs and high value of dental benefits. Download our True Cost of Dental white paper for detailed reasons to share with your clients.

We’re making changes to how we do business.

Important news to those quoting new business for 51-99 employees

Preventive Care Saves Money

When preventive care is a priority, your customers can save up to $330 per member.

Impact of Dental Emergencies on Employers

Help your clients keep employees out of the emergency room.

Portal Login trouble shooting

If you are still having trouble with our updated portal these FAQ's will help.