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Smiles are powerful. They can break the ice, melt hearts, spread joy and even reduce stress. But, that’s not all. Your smile is also part of an incredible, complex system—your body. Helping you keep both healthy is important to us. That’s why we’ve partnered with Kaiser Permanente to offer comprehensive benefits to help you protect the oral and overall health of all your family members.

Think of dental coverage like a service plan for your smile. It helps you prevent painful problems by making dental visits easy and affordable.

Take a look at our two Kaiser Permanente plan options below and pick the one that’s best for you. Both plans fulfill the federal mandate to provide pediatric dental coverage with no annual maximum.

Pediatric Only Plan

View coverage for children under age 19.

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Adult or Family Plan

View coverage for children and adults over age 19.

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Support for your smile

We know it takes more than good oral hygiene to keep your smile healthy. Regular dental care is essential to your smile’s health. With our plans, you get the tools and information you need to get the most from your coverage.

Access to MySmile®

MySmile is a secure toolbox where you can view your coverage, print your ID card, get instant out-of-pocket cost estimates and more!

Instant cost estimates with MySmile Cost Genie℠

MySmile Cost Genie gives instant, personalized out-of-pocket cost estimates based on your coverage and dentist. It’s available through MySmile and a great way to eliminate surprises when your smile needs treatment.

Help finding a participating dentist

Participating dentists provide treatments at discounted rates and file all claims paperwork for you. You’re only responsible for your stated deductibles, coinsurance and/or amounts in excess of the plan maximums. We recommend you see a Delta Dental PPO network dentist because, in most cases, you’ll experience the greatest out-of-pocket savings. Find a participating, in-network, dentist in your area by using our Find a Dentist tool.

How to enroll

Kaiser Permanente handles all dental plan enrollment. Dental plan enrollment must be completed during your Kaiser Permanente Individual and Family open enrollment.

If you already have a Kaiser Permanente medical plan, please call Kaiser Permanente at 800.290.8900.

If you don’t have a Kaiser Permanente medical plan, please visit kp.org/wa to select a medical plan. Then select your Delta Dental of Washington dental plan. Complete all enrollment forms and give to your broker or Kaiser Permanente representative to process. Please call 800.358.8815 or email ifsales@kp.org if you have any questions.

Please visit Kaiser Permanente Individual and Family for rate information and to enroll.

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