Email Policy

All Delta Dental website users are added to email lists using the confirmation process on My Preferences pages. Site users may be added to email notifications if they keep the choices pre-selected and click on one of the “Confirm” buttons. You will be added to email notifications you agreed to receive. Our policy is to not send email to anyone who has NOT confirmed to receive the email. A user may opt-out of any pre-selected options by clicking on the checkmark in the box. The checkmark will disappear, which records the user’s choice to receive paper.

Every email from Delta Dental should include an “unsubscribe” link with instructions. You can remove yourself from an email notification by clicking on the unsubscribe link contained at the footer of each email. The unsubscribe function at the bottom of a specific email is designed to only remove you from that particular email list, not all Delta Dental communications. Members can also remove themselves from email notifications by signing in to and visiting the “My Preferences” page. You may opt-out of any or all emails that you wish not to receive in the future by unchecking the appropriate boxes and clicking the “Confirm” button. Please allow 48 hours to be removed from a list. has a NO SPAM policy and follows the Can-SPAM Act. If you have received an unsolicited email which appears to be promoting Delta Dental, please forward a copy of the offending email immediately to Delta Dental policy is to have staff review and investigate the submission and follow up with you to communicate our findings. An easy way to recognize a fake Delta Dental email notification is that it will be missing an unsubscribe link and email policy link at the bottom.

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