Understanding the Washington Health Benefit Exchange Transition

It is our vision that everyone can enjoy good oral and overall health with no one left behind and sometimes, that means changing the way we provide service to our members so that they always feel empowered to take charge of their coverage.

In an effort to provide all of our members with the best care and experience possible, beginning January 1, 2022 Delta Dental of Washington will move the day-to-day administration of your Washington Health Benefit Exchange Policy to Delta Dental of Wisconsin.

This means that your policy will continue to be underwritten by Delta Dental of Washington, but it will now be administered by Delta Dental of Wisconsin and its subsidiary, Wyssta Services, Inc.

We know that you may have questions. To make this process smoother and to help you understand what to expect, we’re breaking it all down below:

Who is Wyssta and why are they administering my Washington Health Benefit Exchange Plan?

Great question!

Wyssta is a wholly owned subsidiary of our partners at Delta Dental of Wisconsin that already provides a wide range of services for Delta Dental companies across the US.

We are partnering with Wyssta Services in administering your Washington Health Benefit Exchange policy because:

  • Expertise – Wyssta already manages the day to administration of policies for more than 120,000 of our members across Washington State.
  • Unparalleled Service – They currently provide customer service and support, billing, claims processing and adjudication, sales, and services to members enrolled in our Individual and Family plans

Will this affect my current coverage?

Short answer: No, it will not.

Delta Dental of Washington will continue to administer your policy through December 31, 2021. We will also remain your point of contact for all things related to your coverage through the end of the year – whether that’s policy questions, claims, payments, or invoices.

What about coverage for 2022?

To make this transition as smooth as possible, Delta Dental of Wisconsin will begin processing all renewals and new enrollments for the 2022 benefit period, beginning 11/1/2021. This means that you’ll be able to renew your current WAHBE plan or sign up for coverage, if you don’t already have it, and your plan will simply be administered through Wyssta Services.

How will I access my coverage information? File claims? Make payments?

For the remainder of 2021, you may continue to use our online portal for all things relating to your coverage, including payments. However, beginning January 1, 2022, you will have access to the Wyssta Services online platform, Delta Dental Covers Me, where you will be able to access online tools and make payments.

Delta Dental of Washington will still accept payments after December 31 if premiums are due for your 2021 policy.

Here’s what you need to know:

What I want to do How to for the remainder of 2021 How to for 2022
Access online tools MySmile Delta Dental Covers Me
Make online payments Delta Dental Covers Me
Make automatic payments Delta Dental Covers Me
Pay by Check Mail payments to:
P.O. Box 1237,
Wisconsin Rapids WI 54495 (coupon book provided)
Pay by Phone 888-899-3734

To create a Delta Dental Covers Me account*, click the link below:
Create Account (deltadentalcoversme.com)

*Please wait to sign up until you’ve received communications from Wyssta Services.

For more information on the transition, or for any other questions relating to this change, please see our FAQs.

    General Information

  1. Why is the service of my Washington Health Benefit Exchange policy changing?

    To streamline internal operations and provide excellent end-to-end service to you, our member.

  2. What changes should I expect because of this transition?

    1. New invoice timeline, payment process, and due date
    2. New subscriber ID
    3. New point of contact for 2022 policy questions
    4. New payment coupon book
  3. Will I need to create a new member account with Delta Dental of Wisconsin?

    Yes, you will need to create a new online account with Delta Dental of Wisconsin.

  4. Will my subscriber ID change?

    Yes, you will receive a new subscriber ID. Your new subscriber ID will be included in the correspondence you receive from Wyssta Services.

  5. In 2022, how do I contact Customer Service?

    There are several different methods to contact customer service.

    1. Website: https://www.deltadentalcoversme.com/s/
    2. Phone: 888-899-3734; 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Pacific
    3. Fax: 800-807-1970
    4. Mail: Delta Dental, PO Box 103, Stevens Point WI 54481
  6. Payment Information

  7. Will I receive communication from Delta Dental of Wisconsin?

    Yes, communication will be mailed to you from Delta Dental of Wisconsin. This communication will arrive in early November 2021 and will include your payment coupons for 2022, a welcome letter with instructions on how to make a payment.

    Note: Please do not make payments until you have received your communication packet in early November 2021.

  8. When will I be invoiced for 2022?

    You will receive a coupon booklet for your 2022 coverage. Payments are due by the 27th day of each month for the upcoming month.

  9. Claims Information

  10. Will I still have access to explanation of benefits on the Delta Dental of Washington MySmile Account after 2021?

    Yes, you will still have access to your MySmile account up to 18 months after your 2021 plan ends with DDWA on December 31, 2021.

  11. Do I need to let my dentist know that my plan is being administered by Wyssta Services?

    No, Delta Dental of Washington will let your dentist know about the change. Starting in 2022, you will receive a new ID card that you can present to your dentist.

  12. What will DDWA be doing for members who are currently in active orthodontic treatment?

    Delta Dental of Washington wants to ensure that any members who are currently in active orthodontic treatment have no disruption in their monthly payments. DDWA will be transferring all remaining orthodontia treatment that’s currently being paid for 2021 to Delta Dental of Wisconsin for continuation in the 2022 benefit year.

  13. Will I still be able to talk to DDWA about claims from 2021 and prior?

    Yes, you can call Delta Dental of Washington with any questions about claims for services received during the 2021 calendar year.