DeltaCare® USA

A DeltaCare plan is a great fit if you prefer to have one primary care dentist manage all of your care. There is no annual maximum which offers great financial protection.

Here are the key features of this plan’s design:

  • No deductible or annual maximum limit for most services
  • You have fixed copays for dental services like fillings, crowns, and sealants so out-of-pocket costs are very predictable
  • Since it’s a managed care dental plan you must select and see a primary care dentist (PCD) from the DeltaCare network or your care will not be covered, excluding emergency care
  • Your PCD manages all of your dental care needs and will refer you to specialists when needed

Delta Dental Insurance Company, based in California, administers the DeltaCare plan for Holland America. Visit their website to learn more about using your DeltaCare plan or to find a DeltaCare network dentist.

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