Delta Dental PPO℠ plan

A Delta Dental PPO plan is a great fit if you want greater flexibility in your choice of dentist.

Here are the key features of this plan’s design:

  • It’s a preferred provider organization (PPO) plan whose network dentists agree to provide services to you at discounted rates
  • The extensive national Delta Dental PPO and Delta Dental Premier® networks make it easy to get all the advantages of in-network care
  • You get the flexibility to see any licensed dentist or specialist without referral
  • You have set coinsurance levels for dental services
  • You must reach your annual deductible before your benefits pay
  • An annual benefit maximum applies to your plan and your benefits stop once this dollar amount is reached

Here are some of the plan’s benefits highlights:

  • Diagnostic and preventive services, like cleanings, x-rays and exams, are covered at 100% and deductible is waived
  • A $50 deductible per person per year applies for restorative and major services; $150 annual family maximum for deductibles
  • Deductible is waived for diagnostic and preventive services
  • $1,500 annual benefit maximum per person per year
  • Orthodontia is covered at 50% with $1,000 lifetime maximum

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Support for your smile

We know it takes more than good oral hygiene to keep your smile healthy. Regular dental care is essential to your smile’s health. With our PPO plan, you get the tools and information you need to get the most from your coverage.

Help finding a participating dentist

Participating dentists provide treatments at discounted rates and file all claims paperwork for you. You’re only responsible for your stated deductibles, coinsurance and/or amounts in excess of the plan maximums. We recommend you see a Delta Dental PPO network dentist because, in most cases, you’ll experience the greatest out-of-pocket savings. Find a participating, in-network, dentist in your area by using our Find a Dentist tool.

Access to MySmile® personal benefits center

MySmile is a secure toolbox where you can view your coverage, print your ID card, get instant out-of-pocket cost estimates and more.

Instant cost estimates with MySmile Cost Genie℠

MySmile Cost Genie gives instant, personalized out-of-pocket cost estimates based on your coverage and dentist. It’s available through MySmile and a great way to plan and budget when your smile needs treatment.

Download forms

Standard Claim Form – Use to file a claim for services performed in the United States.

Out of Country Claim Form – Use to file a claim for services performed outside of the United States.