Dental Insurance Explained

Dental coverage is not included with general medical benefits but is important for the health of your employees. Poor oral health has been linked to conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. So, while brushing and flossing every day might help keep your teeth clean, nothing can replace regular visits to the dentist.

We care about our members’ oral and overall health. That’s why our Small Business plans include preventive care. Additional services that treat dental conditions – like extractions, crowns, or root canals -- will usually have added patient cost associated with it, depending on the specific plan. Insurance terms can be confusing, so here is a short explanation of some common terms, including common patient costs.

As a dental insurer, it is important that we keep costs low for the businesses we serve and their employees. We do this in several ways.

  1. We negotiate fees with dentists. It is common for uninsured individuals to pay 50% more for the same service as someone who is insured.1 When a dentist has agreed to a fee arrangement, we consider that dentist to be in-network. Network providers offer the best value, both in keeping monthly costs low to the employer and preventing high or surprise costs to the patient.
  2. We match our plans to clinical standards of care. Our plans are reviewed constantly by our dental consultants to ensure they cover the right treatments and disallow for unnecessary procedures. This includes looking at the latest advancements in dentistry technology.
  3. We give businesses the flexibility to pick a plan that meets their budget. Businesses have the option to choose plans with annual maximums, deductibles, coinsurance, and whether or not to cover braces. Some of our special plans limit the dentists that you can go to in exchange for higher discounts or they’ll reward employees with incentives for getting regular preventive treatment.
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Dental plans do not need to be combined with medical insurance and can be offered at a fraction of the cost, all while offering high value to employees. Offering dental benefits is a great way for owners to invest in their own business.

Read our White Paper to find out the financial implications for adding dental coverage.

Ways Delta Dental can help
  1. Understanding your business needs
    Small businesses are under a variety of financial obligations. You may not be ready to completely pay for a plan for your employees now, but you can still get started. Our plans offer a wide selection of choices, making it easy to match cost options with the coverage needed. We built our plans understanding that options are essential.
  2. Making it easy
    We guide our small businesses through the administration process and handle implementation with a concierge team. It is important to us to have the technology and expertise in place to guide employees through the plan selection process.
  3. Protecting your employees
    Small businesses operate more like a family -- everyone takes on a full workload to support the team. When someone is absent, it can take a toll on others. Offering both dental and vision helps ensure your employees stay healthy and productive.
  4. Our network of providers
    No matter where in Washington your business is located, we have you covered. Our network of dental and vision providers is the largest in the state. Check out our Find a Dentist tool.

1Medicare and Dental Coverage: A Closer Look : Jul 28, 2021