Participate in a Reimbursement Webinar

As we begin the initiative rollout of a new reimbursement model Member Dentists will need ample information to make the best decisions for their practice. We want all Member Dentists to have a deep understanding of the new reimbursement model, what it means for your practice, and why we believe this model will have a positive impact on the oral health of Washingtonians. This online webinar will provide you with details of the model and an opportunity to ask questions.

Your Hosts

Cindy Snyder, Vice President of Network Strategy and Program Management Eric Lo, Vice President of Actuarial and Underwriting


The agenda for each webinar includes:

  • Why we are implementing a new model
  • How the new model was developed
  • An overview of the new model
  • A detailed explanation of each data input and how they are used to calculate overall reimbursement
  • An overview of the roll out plan
  • Open question and answer session

How to Attend

For the best experience, please plan to attend the webinar from your computer. This will allow you to watch the presentation, ask questions during the live question and answer session, and see our hosts as they discuss this exciting new model.

It's important to note:

  • A computer is not a requirement but recommended. You will also be sent a call-in number to attend from your office or mobile phone.
  • We recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox to attend. The webinar will work best in these website browsers.

Register Today!

Friday, 8/14 @ 1pm – 2:15pm (PST)



Monday, 9/21 @ 8am - 9:15am (PST