Plan Information

We have a broad range of dental plans, including a fee-for-service plan, two preferred provider (PPO) plans and a managed care plan. Giving you a number of network options to help you grow your practice and keep your patients smiles healthy.

Delta Dental Premier®

This traditional fee-for-service plan is Delta Dental's most traditional program. If you become a member with Delta Dental, you're automatically part of the largest network in Washington state. This program covers approximately 2.3 million people in Washington state and 59.5 million people nationwide.

Delta Dental PPO℠

This preferred provider organization (PPO) plan is Delta Dental's fastest growing dental plan and now covers over 1.8 million people. This plan is a point-of-service plan, patients can choose any dentist at the time of treatment; however, they have an incentive to choose dentists who are a part of the PPO network by receiving higher benefit levels and lower out-of-pocket costs. If you elect to participate in this plan, you'll have a two-tiered fee schedule: Delta Dental Premier and a slightly reduced fee schedule for Delta Dental PPO. PPO fees are posted to the National Provider File and accepted nationally by other Delta Plans.


This is Delta Dental's managed care dental plan. DeltaCare subscribers select primary care dentists from the DeltaCare network and seek treatment from their selected dentists. Dentists who participate in the managed care network are paid a fixed monthly fee per assigned patient to provide a defined scope of treatment. Primary care dentists coordinate all of the patients' dental care needs, including referrals to specialists. Patients make co-payments for services covered by this plan.

Note: Delta Dental offers its Delta Dental Premier and Delta Dental PPO plans both locally and nationwide through our affiliation with the Delta Dental Plans Association. All Delta Dental member dentists automatically participate in the nationwide Delta Dental Premier plan as a provision of the Delta Dental Member Dentist Agreement. Delta Dental member dentists who participate in the Delta Dental PPO plans also automatically participate in the nationwide PPO plans.