Get Appointed with Delta Dental

Thanks for considering partnering with us! Complete the steps below to get appointed by Delta Dental with the Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner (OIC).

Before you can receive a Delta Dental quote for your client, you must first be appointed.  To apply for an appointment certificate, you are required to complete the following forms:

Submission materials should include completed forms, a copy of your current Washington state agent/producer license, and a copy of your E&O Insurance. Submit the application materials via email or fax to (206) 985-4821. Questions? Call (206) 528-7351.

Upon receipt of all necessary materials, Delta Dental will initiate steps with the OIC for your appointment. Please allow at least 10 business days for the OIC's Department of Licensing to return the appointment certificate.

Important notes:

  • Delta Dental will forward a copy of the appointment certificate to you upon your request
  • You are required to present your Delta Dental agent appointment certificate to clients upon their request
  • The OIC publishes licensing information for agents and brokers