5 small business plans to fit any budget for groups 2-50

PPO 2-50 employees:
Our best seller using the largest network in Washington. Wide range of plan options with low costs.
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PPO Voluntary Standard /Enhanced 2-50 employees:
Largest network with flexible employer contributions. As low as $0 for employers (employees contribute).
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PPO Core-Buy-Up A, B and C for 5-50 employees:
Dual plan options with low-cost core plans where the employees can buy-up into richer benefits.
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Maximum Wellness for 10-50 employees:
An incentive plan that rewards employees for getting preventive care.
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DeltaCare®, a managed care plan for 10-50 employees:
Affordable plan with fixed co-pays for non-preventive services.
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Small Business Plan comparison:
All plans side by side at a glance.
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Small Business update
Important news to those quoting new business for 51-99 employees.

We’re excited to announce the ability to tailor plans for your new business opportunities for groups 51-99. This new approach will allow us to customize benefits, commission, rate guarantees and more.
Nikolai Brown at nbrown@deltadentalwa.com
Lisa Torres at ltorres@deltadentalwa.com
Eastern Washington brokers to:
Angela Dubay at adubay@deltadentalwa.com.

Existing business will remain in the small group pool and will be provided a pooled renewal and options. If you need more information or have additional questions, please contact your 51-99 Client Manager, Mary Jenkins at mjenkins@deltadentalwa.com.