Which Small Business Plan fits your business needs

Number of Employees Who does it work for Plan
  • Works well for companies needing the broadest in-network provider options locally and nationally.
  • Plan work for those clients looking for a more traditional employer paid dental plan.
PPO 2-50 Employees
  • The PPO plans have rich dental benefits with a variety of co-insurance payments and annual maximums to fit the financial needs of your group employer
  • Offers the best preventive care services, along with basic and major oral care needs
  • PPO plans include in and out-of-network coverage. Members will pay more out of pocket expenses if they use an out-of-network provide. Plus, they need to supply paperwork to Delta Dental for claim processing
  • Members can request a predetermination of treatment cost through their personal MySmile account.
  • Employees pay 100% of the cost of benefits and have access to Enhance or Standard Voluntary plans
  • Employers work with their broker to enroll in the Voluntary or Standard plan which allows their employees to purchase their own benefits.
PPO Voluntary Standard and Enhanced 2-50 employees
  • The employer wants to offer dental benefits but is unable to offer a minimum of 50% of the cost
  • These plans give employees the choice to purchase dental coverage, or not, for themselves and their families
  • Employees are happy because they have the option to purchase coverage for themselves and their families even though the employer does not cover all the benefit costs.
  • Companies with a set budget who choose a plan but allow their employees to purchase a richer benefit plan at their own expense
  • There is no minimum enrollment on either of the two plans as long as the underwriting guidelines are met
  • Employers willing to pay 50% of the core plan, allowing employees to keep this plan or buy higher benefits at their expense.
PPO Core-Buy-Up A, B and C for 5-50 employees
  • Employers can offer two plans depending on the company needs
  • Employees have a choice to enroll in a base plan or to pay more and increase their plan benefits
  • Largest in-network provider network
  • Companies that are committed to healthy employees.
  • This plan works for groups wanting to reward their employees for getting their preventive exams.
  • Companies that have long term employees that can take advantage of the annua maximum increases.
Maximum Wellness for 10-50 employees
  • A great plan that focuses on oral health of employees, rewarding them for going to the dentist
  • When members use their preventive care benefits annually, the next year their annual maximum increases by $100. This incentive will carry on year over year until the maximum is reached depending on the plan chosen ($1500 or $2500)
  • Employers can feel confident that their employees are encouraged to use their provided oral health benefits to stay healthy
  • Companies with members that include many dependents.
  • Groups located in urban areas where most of the network providers are located.
  • Groups that have employees requesting to have fixed out of pocket costs.
DeltaCare®, a managed care plan for 10-50 employees:
  • Has affordable orthodontia benefits for the entire family.
  • Affordable plan with fixed co-pays for non-preventive services.
  • Large network of DeltaCare® providers.
  • Primary dental provider controls all oral care including referrals to specialty providers.

Small Business update

Important news to those quoting new business for 51-99 employees.

We’re excited to announce the ability to tailor plans for your new business opportunities for groups 51-99. This new approach will allow us to customize benefits, commission, rate guarantees and more.
Nikolai Brown at nbrown@deltadentalwa.com
Lisa Torres at ltorres@deltadentalwa.com
Eastern Washington brokers to:
Angela Dubay at adubay@deltadentalwa.com.

Existing business will remain in the small group pool and will be provided a pooled renewal and options. If you need more information or have additional questions, please contact your 51-99 Client Manager, Mary Jenkins at mjenkins@deltadentalwa.com.