Our Customer Service is Your Competitive Advantage

When it comes to selling benefits, it can be tough for stakeholders and potential customers to see past cost. With a bottom line to meet, price points are often what will sway a customer one way or the other.

But you have a secret weapon: your competitive edge is our award-winning customer service.

Let’s examine how outstanding customer service impacts the sales process.

The ROI of Customer Service

ROI - service matters more than price
Service Matters
More Than Price

Research has shown that 64% of your customers are more likely to say that the overall customer service experience and interactions matters more to them than cost. In fact, one study showed that 86% of customers would be willing to pay 25% more if it guaranteed they would receive good and reliable customer service.

ROI - increased retention

Customer retention is more profitable than new acquisition. The good news? You have an excellent customer service team on your side, making retaining customers that much easier. One study by HubSpot on customer service trends shows that around 50% of customers increase their purchasing with a brand after having a positive customer service experience, furthering its importance.

ROI - group clients love it
Group Clients
Love It

Our industry-leading customer service is attractive to group clients. And we make it a priority to keep delivering. From a sales perspective, this means less “noise” from members regarding their service. It’s an added value to our selection of dental plans.


Our Customer Service by the Numbers

We’re proud of the milestones our customer service team has achieved, like delivering speedy claims and processing. The report card below is an update of our most recent customer service metrics. It’s also a good way to understand the type of support your customers will get when they sign up with Delta Dental of Washington.

Plus, our members get 24/7 customer support online through MySmile®

No matter where our members are, they can always get support from us online. From day one, each member gets access to MySmile which is similar to having an online banking account but for your dental benefits. Using MySmile provides members with the ultimate, all-access pass to their dental benefits. MySmile lets members:

Our Customers
Love MySmile.