Welcome Delta Dental of Washington members to your new Member Discount Program

Delta Dental of Washington has a new Member Discount Program to make our membership more valuable than ever. As a Delta Dental of Washington producer, your clients are entitled to big savings on hundreds of products and services from some of the country’s best-known brands. And the best news, it is easy for your clients to manage this exciting new benefit through MySmile® our member portal.

Big savings — nationwide deals await in MySmile®

In home care
In home care, nursery assistance and more
Discounts on travel
Discounts on hotels, cruises, vacations and more
Savings on all household needs
Movie tickets, theme parks and concerts
rentals and repairs
Discounts on rentals, repairs and more
brand discounts
Major brand discounts

Members can access all their benefit and claims information along with their ID Card and now a quick link to a multitude of savings!

How to get started with just two quick steps:

Members need to login to their MySmile® account.

Our 24/7 access to oral health records, benefits, claims and now easy link to big savings. Direct new or current members with no account to activate on our home page. It takes less than 5 minutes..
Access member discounts

Once clients enter their MySmile account, they are one click away from exclusive discounts. They can check the dashboard link and start savings.

Have more questions? Review our FAQ’s or call your client manager, they are fully trained on the new program

Q: What is the Delta Dental of Washington member Discount Program?
A: The discount program is a member-only program featuring national and local brands, products and services. These discounts can only be accessed through the MySmile portal.

Q: Why is the discount dashboard called LifeMart once you sign in?
A: LifeMart is the company that is hosting the discount benefits for Delta Dental.

Q: What if I am having trouble activating MySmile?
A: Reach out to Delta Dental Customer service at 1-800-554-1907 or text us at 833-604-1246 between 7 am – 5 pm Pacific time.

Q: How do I find specific offers?
A: Once into the discount dashboard you can use the search feature or browse the categories.

Q: Do you have any deals near me?
A: Yes, navigate to “local deals” enter your zip code and select a category.

Q: Do I need a coupon code or offer code to receive my discounts?
A: Not all discounts require a coupon code or offer code. Some merchants will automatically apply the discount when you link to their site. Other merchants require a code or coupon at check out. Each merchant is different but will describe the offer on the site with details.

Q: I cannot find a merchant that I have seen on the site in the past. Where did it go?
A: Some offers are seasonal or limited time only. Offers are subject to change and are updated often.

Q: I have questions about an order I placed, and my order has not arrived. Who should I contact?
A: We do not track your shopping activity. For questions related to an order you have placed please contact the merchant with whom you made the purchase.

Q: How do I report an issue with a discount not being applied?
A: If a discount was not applied to your order, please contact the merchant first. Often, they can resolve the issue on the first call. If there is a technical issue with a non-working coupon or offer code, the offer has expired, a link is broken, etc. complete the helpdesk feedback form. We will be happy to investigate the issue for you.

Q: Does LifeMart have a customer Service contact?
A: Yes LifeMart has a contact form to fill out if you have a problem or question.