How a Strong Brand can Increase Your Sales

What’s in a brand? As it turns out, there is sales power!

Brand is much more than a logo. Brands make a statement, tap into emotion and create customer loyalty. In a world where 82 percent of adults claim loyalty to a brand, it’s a vital tool for helping you and you drive revenue.

Every single day, consumers are exposed to a whopping 360 unique brand messages.

Decision makers with buying power have more product choices than ever.

Strong brands create loyalty, and when a potential customer is brand loyal, it enables them to make purchasing decisions easier and quicker.

It’s like a shortcut for the brain. If you’re choosing between two similarly priced products and you know more positive facts about one brand compared to another, you’re likely to pick the brand you know and trust.

This also applies to business purchases. A strong positive association with a brand enables your sales pitch to cut through the noise. Plus, you can take advantage of the positive “halo” of opinion that decision makers have for the brand you are selling.

Learn About our Brand

Our brand has flourished since 1954. We continue to develop our brand with you in mind. From our community education programs to our email outreach, we’re always working on new ways to increase positive member experiences. According to our recent satisfaction surveys, we’re doing something right.

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DDWA Brand Awareness Report Card

This report card on Delta Dental’s brand awareness illustrates the power and influence of our brand. We’re proud to say that Delta Dental leads the way by having the highest brand name recognition and positive attributes compared to other national carriers.

We can Help Increase Your Retention Rates

Our retention numbers are outstanding in the industry. At 97% persistency, we are much higher than other healthcare carriers. We believe our commitment to our mission, our powerful brand and our stellar customer service are the reasons. And when you promote our brand it becomes easier for you to get and retain new customers.

Download our brand awareness report card