I&F End of Year Selling Bonanza!

New policies submitted Oct 15 – Dec 31, 2022 with any available effective date (Nov 1, Dec 1, Jan 1, Feb 1)

SELL A BUNDLE, EARN A REWARD! All off-exchange I&F plans qualify, including DeltaVision.
$25 GIFT CARD FOR EACH DENTAL + VISION INDIVIDUAL PLAN SALE. Four bonus levels based on the number of I&F policies sold:
   2-5 policies: $25
   6-10: $100
   11-15: $150
   16+: $200
  • To earn bonus level award write any of the following I&F plans: Premium; Family Plus; Ascent; Clear; Enhanced; Basic; DeltaVision Brilliance 200; DeltaVision Essential 150. Note: WAHBE and Kaiser Permanente I&F plans do not qualify.
  • Qualifying policies must be submitted Oct 15 to Dec 31, 2022 with effective dates Nov 1, Dec 1, Jan 1, Feb 1.
  • Sale of new DeltaVision plan to an existing I&F Dental plan at renewal qualifies toward bonus level.
  • The sale can be completed using your DeltaDentalCoversMe.com agency link, or by phone at 877-943-8335 or by paper application.
  • We will begin mailing gift cards Jan 15, 2023
  • You must email your intent to participate in this promotion. Use the above “Register for Promo” link or send email to individualplans@deltadentalwa.com.
  • You must have an active appointment with Delta Dental of Washington.
  • An Amazon digital gift card will be sent to the AOR email address we have in our appointment records.
  • The reward goes to the agent of record within 65 calendar days after the end of the initial effective month of the qualifying new business.
  • The reward payout will not appear on your commission statement.
  • The reward is in addition to your regular commission schedule of 5% of premium paid on dental, 10% on vision.
  • The promotion payout is capped at $10,000.
  • Please note that there may be tax consequences for you related to payment of this reward.
  • Please consult your tax advisor.
For questions about this promotion contact the Delta Dental of Washington Individual & Family product and marketing team at: IndividualPlans@deltadentalwa.com