Delta Dental PPO℠ - Maximum Wellness™

New Incentive Plan

For medium and large groups, Maximum Wellness is a great alternative to a standard PPO plans. Every year they get healthy checkups, their annual maximum increases!

The Maximum Wellness plan
  • Rewards employees for using their preventive benefits. Every year they get a check up, their annual maximum increases for the subsequent year!*
  • Offers flexibility. You get to determine annual maximum step increase levels & participating networks.
  • Supports your wellness initiatives. Keeping them healthier and helps avoid costly treatments later on. No other carrier is more committed to the power of preventive care advancing overall health.

We support healthy behavior by sending email reminders on a regular basis. We'll notify them when it's time to schedule their next healthy checkup.

Contact your Delta Dental of Washington sales representative today and see how this plan benefits your clients.

*PLAN DETAILS: Rewards increase each year until they reach the annual maximum upper limit. Any preventive service qualifies them for an increase in annual maximum. If the employee fails to get preventive care during their benefit period, they will "step down" in annual maximum level the following benefit period. However, they never drop below the plan’s initial annual maximum level.