Individual and Family DeltaVision® Plans, in Partnership with VSP®

Individual and Family DeltaVision® Plans, in Partnership with VSP®

Looking for vision coverage on eye exams, savings on eyeglasses or contact lenses? Delta Dental of Washington, in partnership with VSP Vision Care, now offers an affordable option to add a vision plan, DeltaVision® Essential 150 Plan or DeltaVision Brilliance® 200 Plan, to your new dental plan at checkout or existing dental plan at any timei, ii, iii.

For more information about our DeltaVision® Plans, please call us at: 844-764-5350.

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Value-packed benefits

Personalized care
DeltaVision members receive quality eye care with attention to overall wellness. VSP network providers will look for vision problems and signs of other health conditions.

Eyewear savings
Quality eyewear that’s fashionable and affordable. From classic styles to the latest designer fashions, there are hundreds of options for DeltaVision members.

Great network and service features
VSP offers 121,000 network providers along with 30,000 retail chain access points, including Walmart and Costco. 84% of VSP doctors offer early morning, evening, or weekend hours. Plus, DeltaVision members can connect their benefits to shop online at® —the official VSP online retailer and manage their eye care needs on the VSP Vision Care App through Apple or Android.

Our DeltaVision® Plans

Choose from our standard DeltaVision® Essential Plan 150 or our premium DeltaVision® Brilliance 200 Plan, available to add to your new dental plan at checkout or to your current dental plan at any time.

For more information about our DeltaVision® Plans or to add vision to your dental plan, please call us at 844-764-5350.

Brilliance 200 Plan
Essential 150 Plan
Monthly Premium
Individual Starting Rateiv
$15.55 $12.50
WellVision Exam® Copay
benefit frequency every 12 months
$0 $10
Prescription Glasses
(frames, lenses)

benefit frequency every 12-months
$0 $10
Retail Frame Allowance
included in prescription glasses benefit frequency every 12-months
$200 $150
Costco/Walmart Frame Allowance $110 $80
Lenses (single vision, lined bifocal and lined trifocal)
included in prescription glasses copay
Covered Covered
Polycarbonate Lens Enhancements for Children Copay
included in prescription glasses copay
$0 $0
Contact Lens Exam Copay Maximum
fitting and evaluation
$0 $40
Elective Contact Lenses Allowance
instead of glasses
$200 $150
Percentage Saved on Purchases over the Plan Allowance for Frames
within 12 months of last WellVision® exam
20% 20%
Out-of-Network Providers
Not covered Not covered

Ready to add a DeltaVision® plan do your dental plan?i
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Vision FAQs

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Create an Account.
  3. Add your 11-digit vision member ID. You can find your member ID on your vision declaration page or contact member support 888-899-3734.
  4. 4. Fill in all required fields.
  5. At the bottom of the page, click on “Create an Account” to complete the account. You will then be able to manage your account using this same login information.

Currently, members cannot view their DeltaVision® benefits on their Delta Dental Covers Me Account. Please refer to the instructions in the previous question to setup and manage your DeltaVision® Account on

VSP,, and WellVision Exam are registered trademarks of Vision Service Plan.
i. Eligibility: Vision benefits are only offered in conjunction with Delta Dental of Washington individual dental plans sold through Delta Dental Covers Me. All other eligibility requirements are shared with the dental plan.
ii. Administration: We make it easy to pair dental and vision benefits. Application, enrollment and billing processes are coordinated for your convenience through Delta Dental Covers Me.
iii. Enrollment: You may enroll in vision benefits up to 2 months prior to the requested effective date. After your application is approved, your coverage starts the first day of the month and continues for 12 months.
iv. These are benefit highlights only. Monthly premiums shown are examples of monthly rates for subscriber-only in Washington, effective January 2024. Actual rates may vary (higher or lower) based on plan choice, your age, your location, number of people insured, their age, and relationship to you. Click to view full details of plan benefits and pricings for DeltaVision® Essential 150 Plan and the DeltaVision® Brilliance 200 Plan.