Meet Our People | Delta Dental of Washington

Photo of Lori Baun“One of my best days at Delta Dental of Washington was actually a conversation I had outside of work at a local football game. I was catching up with old friends and one of them mentioned he hears people in our community talk about how great it is to work there.

I already knew I loved working here, but it was wonderful to hear that others felt the same way. I have worked at Delta Dental for over 15 years and seen first-hand how the company tries hard to build a supportive environment.

I couldn’t stop smiling! I live in the small community of Colville and just a few word-of-mouth reviews can mean a lot. In that moment, I felt so proud to call myself a Delta Dental employee. ”
Lori Baun – Senior Operations Manager

Photo of Jana Kroiss“My fondest memory of working at Delta Dental of Washington was the day I realized my co-workers are like a second family.

In the past, I’ve had other jobs where I felt out of place or like I didn’t click with the other employees. But, I have never felt that way in the 5 years I’ve worked at Delta Dental. Not only am I close with coworkers that work near me every day in Colville, but my experiences with employees from all of our offices have been great.

I remember the first time we had a companywide function. I was surprised how easy it was to talk to people I had never met. This is because we are #OneTeam and everyone treats each other like family.

I love working for Delta Dental of Washington so much that when I visited my husband in New Zealand I HAD to take a picture in my Delta Dental shirt to represent my other family. ”
Jana Kroiss – Support Desk Representative

Photo of Shay Vannery“I have a varied work history and I’ve spent time at larger companies in different cities. But, I can say, without a doubt, working at Delta Dental of Washington has been the best.

For the first time in my life, I feel like I’m part of a family that cares about me as an individual as much as it cares about me as a professional. I love how the CEO knows all of our employees by name and how anyone can approach Senior Management.

My fondest memory is hard to pick. I’ve had the opportunity to attend industry conferences in cool places, host external meetings with representatives of other organizations, and even be involved in design thinking sessions that impacted the company’s future.

But if I had to choose, my best day was the first day the Seattle office moved from Northgate to South Lake Union.

I love our new office and all the amenities it provides to share, collaborate, work and play. Every morning I wake up excited to go to work.”
Shay Vannery – Scrum Master

Photo of Debi Mitchell“I can’t give you one day or one memory that stands out, because working for Delta Dental of Washington for the last 11 years has been the most wonderful experience of my 40+ years in the workforce.

I have never worked for a company that cares about their patients as much as this one. Everyone at Delta Dental talks with passion about oral health and how important it is for overall health.

We also think about things from the patient’s point of view more than I’ve seen other places. Working in the Call Center where we are closest to our patients, I see everyone around me strive every single day to give the best customer service possible.

I love being a part of that passion!”
Debi Mitchell – Support Desk Representative