Tooth Fairy Visit Tacoma School District Nurses

March 1, 2024

Our Tooth Fairy Experience Program took flight to recently to join the Tacoma School District’s monthly nurses meeting to give them a chance to meet the Delta Dental of Washington Tooth Fairy and test their own dental health knowledge.

During the meeting the Tooth Fairy presented the program’s first module, “Caring for Your Smile.” This module focuses on the basics of brushing and flossing for optimal oral health. During the presentation, school nurses experienced the same presentation as students receive. The presentation is engaging and fun, as the nurses were tested about their tooth facts, participated in activities aimed at testing a student’s knowledge about oral health and an overall review of all the items taught by the Tooth Fairy.

The nurses also received all the goodies which students are presented with during presentations to help them keep up on their journey to good oral health. Dental health kits include fluoride toothpaste, dental floss, brushing timer, toothbrush, and brushing and flossing chart.

The group was also walked through how to request a visit -- either virtual or in-person -- from the Tooth Fairy, where to direct their student’s parents to resources to make oral health at home easier and took one epic picture.

Since its launch in 2019, as part of Delta Dental’s vision for a cavity-free Washington, the program aims to improve dental health habits at an early age, reduce the incidence of tooth decay and increase the number of kids who regularly visit the dentist.

The Tooth Fairy Experience was developed by Delta Dental of Washington in partnership with Arcora Foundation, School Nurse Organization of Washington and Washington State Dental Association – and is endorsed by the Washington Homeschool Organization. All materials have been dentist, teacher, school nurse and child reviewed.