Tooth Fairy Visits the Seattle Channel’s Event

May 25, 2023

The Tooth Fairy Experience brings their new educational module to the Seattle Channel’s Look, Listen, Learn event and visits with Auntie Lena for a day of education and activities. Our Tooth Fairy Experience Program visited the Renton Community Center to celebrate the Seattle Channel’s first annual Look, Listen, Learn anniversary event on Saturday, May 20. Attendees gathered for garden-themed activities led by local partners including two Tooth Fairies! Each art, cooking, planting, and reading activity was planned with kindergarten through second graders in mind to help teach them about the importance of community and healthy, active lifestyles.

During the event the Tooth Fairies debuted the third and final storybook. The Smile Scouts – A Tooth Fairy Tale by local children’s book author Kelly Rae Bahr, focuses on the importance of good nutrition and healthy, active lifestyles. While Tooth Fairy Jasmine read the story aloud to children during the event’s story break, which was shared with the King County Library System Librarians, Tooth Fairy Malcolm translated the story in American Sign Language. The Tooth Fairies then recapped the main learning points from the book while teaching the children how to say words like, “play, game, carrot, and apple,” in ASL.

Keep an eye out for the Tooth Fairies at future Look, Listen, Learn events throughout the year.

Keep an eye out for the Tooth Fairies at future Look, Listen, Learn events throughout the year.

You can read the newest Tooth Fairy storybook HERE.

Since its launch in 2019, as part of Delta Dental’s vision for a cavity-free Washington, the program aims to improve dental health habits at an early age, reduce the incidence of tooth decay and increase the number of kids who regularly visit the dentist.

The Tooth Fairy Experience was developed by Delta Dental of Washington in partnership with Arcora Foundation , School Nurse Organization of Washington and Washington State Dental Association – and is endorsed by the Washington Homeschool Organization. All materials have been dentist, teacher, school nurse and child reviewed.