Smile Power Tour

June 16, 2021

The Tooth Fairy helps Delta Dental celebrate those who bring smiles to their communities

Smiles are transformative, powerful, and contagious. They have been proven to reduce anxiety, create meaningful connections, and can brighten someone’s day. They’re also at the core of Delta Dental of Washington’s Smile Power Tour, which celebrates the power of healthy smiles statewide.

Launching in 2016, Delta Dental’s Tooth Fairy traveled the state surprising individuals we call “Smile Makers,” and thanking them for bringing smiles to their communities through acts of kindness.

With a little help from those on the receiving end of the Smile Makers’ smiles, the Tooth Fairy celebrated school teachers, grocery store clerks, fire fighters, social service agency volunteers and other community do-gooders making an impact and bringing smiles to their communities. Each surprise included a personal thank you from the Tooth Fairy, along with flowers, balloon bouquets and a special gift selected especially for each Smile Maker – ranging from Seahawks’ suite tickets, shopping sprees, weekend getaways and multi-day excursions – along with a donation in the Smile Maker’s name to their favorite local charity.

Each stop on the Smile Power Tour also brought smiles to the communities visited, including classroom storybook readings, community concerts, free days at zoos and aquariums, free coffee giveaways at local coffee shops – wherever she traveled, the Tooth Fairy brought the fun, generating countless smiles for all ages.