The Tooth Fairy Hosts a Free Skate Day

October 29, 2022

Since the beginning of their inaugural season, the Kraken have placed a heavy emphasis on the importance of active lifestyles for children as well as a desire to learn healthy habits and leadership skills through hockey.

As part of the kickoff to this partnership, the Tooth Fairy Experience Program visited three of the Seattle Kraken’s partner elementary schools to host fun and informative presentations about oral health and caring forteeth. During these presentations, nearly 300 students learned about the importance of a proper and consistent oral health routine, why taking care of their young teeth was so important to the growth of their adult teeth and how to make healthy food and beverage choices. At the end of the presentations, the students were tasked with a weeklong brushing and flossing challenge. The prize? A free skate day at the Kraken Community IcePlex with the Tooth Fairy.

After a week of building healthy habits through the brushing and flossing challenge, students submitted their charts to their teachers. In the end, all three schools were invited to participate in a Free Skate Day on June 11th. Tooth Fairy Jen laced up her skates and took to the ice, while Tooth Fairy Alex lead additional presentations and storybook readings. Over 150 kindergarteners, first graders and second graders attended the event where they were presented with dental health kits and a day of fun.

As we look forward to the second year of our partnership, we are excited to expand this program and continue to spread the message of healthy, active lifestyles and good dental health habits for all children.

Since its launch in 2019, as part of Delta Dental’s vision for a cavity-free Washington, the program aims to improve dental health habits at an early age, reduce the incidence of tooth decay and increase the number of kids who regularly visit the dentist.

The Tooth Fairy Experience was developed by Delta Dental of Washington in partnership with Arcora Foundation, School Nurse Organization of Washington and Washington State Dental Association – and is endorsed by the Washington Homeschool Organization. All materials have been dentist, teacher, school nurse and child reviewed.