Puget Sound Heart & Stroke Walk

October 31, 2022

Delta Dental of Washington is proud to partner with the American Heart Association (AHA) to raise awareness about the connection between your oral health and heart health.

Because our bodies are complex systems, problems in one area often impact problems in other areas. In fact, studies show that gum disease has been linked to a variety of systemic health conditions, including heart disease.

As part of a partnership for improving the overall health and well-being of those in the Puget Sound area and beyond, Delta Dental of Washington employees from across the state participated in this year’s Puget Sound Heart and Stroke Walk sharing smiles and plenty of high-fives in Coville, Spokane and Seattle. Delta Dental of Washington CEO Mark Mitchke served as the chair to the event, where more than 70 companies raised money to support the AHA’s efforts to prevent heart disease and stroke.

Delta Dental of Washington employees alone raised more than $52,000, the second highest of the participating companies. This money will help the AHA and their partner companies as they continue working to equitably address health disparities in our community, and work toward a world free from heart disease and stroke.

Guided by the leadership of the Puget Sound Equity Council, AHA is focusing on four key areas, each with an emphasis on equity: women’s health, nutrition security, chronic disease care and prevention, and youth tobacco and vaping prevention. With emphasis on these key impact areas, together we can improve the health and well-being of those in the Puget Sound area while saving countless lives.

Learn more about the efforts of the American Heart Association. The Tooth Fairy Experience was developed by Delta Dental of Washington in partnership with Arcora Foundation, School Nurse Organization of Washington and Washington State Dental Association – and is endorsed by the Washington Homeschool Organization. All materials have been dentist, teacher, school nurse and child reviewed.