Celebrating diversity with Entre Hermanos’ Sabroso!

May 9, 2024

Delta Dental of Washington is committed to confronting and eliminating inequity throughout our company and to working courageously with our partners and our communities to be a champion for diversity, equity, and inclusion in Washington.

In April, we supported Seattle’s Latinx LGBTQ organization Entre Hermanos’ fundraiser: Sabroso Drag Brunch!

This culturally inclusive event celebrated the diversity within the Latinx community, with the fun added flare of Latinx LGBTQIA+ performers putting on a fabulous show! In addition to amazing drag performers, the show was hosted by Yohana Laraag, a trans woman who had personally benefited from the services offered by Entre Hermanos. She shared her story, adding a personal touch to the amazing work the organization does.

At DDWA, we serve people of many races, colors, religions, national origins, ages, abilities, gender identities, sexual orientations, income levels, and other forms of diversity. We know that inequity exists -- some groups experience good oral health, other groups do not. Our data shows that Latinx people are more likely to be left behind in terms of good oral health. We need to understand and support the needs, desires, and challenges of all our members.

DDWA, other sponsors, and attendees raised funds to help Entre Hermanos create the foundation for a year full of community impact and advocacy! DDWA’s support went towards Entre Hermanos’ goal of $50,000 in unrestricted funding that’ll go right back into serving their community. With that money, they’ll be able to:

  • Provide legal advocacy beyond immigration services, especially when it encompasses gender-affirming legal action.
  • Provide HIV Care and Prevention services to more clients, including PrEP and ART navigation, emergency and transitional housing support and peer support groups for those living with HIV.
  • Relaunch our online store, opening a stream of revenue with the potential to earn us over $20,000 in unrestricted funding a year.
  • Expand our outreach throughout all of Washington State to Latinx LGBTQ+ individuals and families in need of our services.

Partnering with organizations like Entre Hermanos aligns with our company’s mission to make sure no one is left behind.