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DeltaCare® Managed Care Plan

GROUP #03100

DeltaCare® Managed Care Plan
Requires primary care dentist (PCD) from the DeltaCare® network
DeltaCare® PCD must refer you for any specialized care
No deductibles
Unlimited coverage for fillings, root canals, crowns & other services
Fixed dollar copays
No coverage for out-of-network care
Responsive, local customer service

COPAY:  On the DeltaCare plan, you pay a fixed dollar amount for each treatment you receive.

Find a primary care dentist (PCD) from the DeltaCare® network
You MUST select a general practice, primary care dentist (PCD) from the DeltaCare® network to manage all of your dental care needs.
Find a Dentist Tool
  Make sure ‘Patient’ is selected and scroll down to ‘Find a Dentist’ tool
  Click on ‘Advanced Search’ and select ‘General Practitioners’ to filter your search results
Want to change your PCD? No problem!
Find A Dentist from the DeltaCare® network
Call us at (800) 650-1583 or text us at (833) 604-1246 and we'll make the change
Make your request by the 15th of the month to start seeing your new PCD on the 1st of the following month

Here's how to get the most from your coverage

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Print your ID card
Endorse your favorite DeltaCare dentist
Review your coverage
Accounts are available for subscribers and their dependents ages 18+
Review your DeltaCare® costs
Deductible   $0
Plan maximum   No annual maximum
Cleaning and exam every 6 months   $0
Fluoride treatment   $0
Complete x-rays every 3 years   $0
Fillings   $10 to $50
Crowns   $100 to $175
Root canals (endodontics)   $100 to $150
Treatment of gum disease (periodontics)   $15 to %100
Tooth extractions   $10 to $50
Orthodontia   up to $1,500 per case
Implants   $2800 per tooth
Dentures   $140 per arch
Nonsurgical TMJ   30% up to $1,000 per year or $5,000 lifetime annual maximum. Patient pays any cost exceeding lifetime annual maximum.
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