ACH Debit Pull General Questions

After I fill out and submit the DocuSign form, will I receive a confirmation email that my account has been updated?

Yes. The system is updated Monday – Friday at 4PM. You will receive an email after 4PM with confirmation your account has been set up.

What is the difference between ACH debit pull and Wires/ACH debit push?

ACH debit is when DDWA initiates the payment (debit) pull from the bank account the group provides. ACH push/wire is when the group sends payment to DDWA for processing.

Is there a fee to sign up for the ACH debit pull?

There is no fee to sign up.

How do I sign up for the ACH debit pull?

Complete the ACH payment form through DocuSign. Please click on the link DocuSign ACH Debit Pull and select the Submit button. DocuSign will securely send the form to us for processing.

Is the DocuSign form secure?

Yes. Privacy Policy | DocuSign

What is Delta Dental of Washington’s ACH ID?

Please update your bank so that the pull will go through.

What is the cutoff date to submit new bank account information?
Note: Please allow the necessary time for Delta Dental of Washington to apply them to your account for the next month.

Notify us by 3:30 pm pacific time, a minimum of two (2) business days before the last day of the month.

Notify us on Wednesday, by 3:30 pm pacific time for the change to be effective the next Monday.

Payment/Refund Questions

Am I allowed to choose the payment amount or request a payment threshold amount?

At this time, the ACH debit payment will pull all open invoiced amounts and Delta Dental cannot accommodate different payment amounts or payment thresholds.

What day of the week/month does the ACH debit pull happen?

Monthly Premium/Admin ACH pulls will be completed on the first business day of each month. If the 1st falls on a weekend or a bank holiday the pull will be completed the following business day.

Can a group change the date the funds will pull from their account?

At this time, Delta Dental of Washington has set pull dates and they cannot be modified.

Does Delta Dental of Washington still require payment backup to be sent to finance?

No. The payment is for the open balance on the account (past due and current).

Can DDWA refund via ACH?

Yes, if a double payment has been made, Delta Dental of Washington can refund the group via ACH.

If the payment does not go through, when will the next pull be?

If the payment is rejected through the bank the next pull will not be initiated until the next scheduled pull.

Monthly premium or admin invoice payments would be the first business day of the following month. This would include the past due amounts and current payment amount.

Weekly claim pulls would be the following Monday and would include the past due amounts and current payment amount. In the event of a bank holiday the debit pulls will be the next business day.

Can I submit a different form of payment if it does not go through?

Yes, you can log onto our online portal to make a payment. Please note this must be completed three (3) business days prior to the next pull date.

Welcome to Online Bill Pay Service (

What is the process if a payment is double pulled?

If the over payment is a result of a check or an online payment being submitted along with the ACH Debit pull, then the over payment will remain on the account and applied to the next invoice.

Can the ACH pull be stopped at any time? If yes, how much notice do we have to give?

Yes, weekly pulls can be stopped if the request is received by Tuesday the week prior to the Monday pull.

Monthly pulls can be stopped if the request is received by the 25th of each month.

Do we receive a payment reminder before the payment is processed?

Currently Delta Dental of Washington does not send out payment reminders. You do receive notification when invoices are available but the ACH pulls are completed on the scheduled time for Monthly premiums and Weekly claims.

Will eligibility updates be included on the current invoice for the ACH debit pull?

Retroactivity will be included on the current ACH pull if it is received prior to the original invoice being created.

What happens if members terminate? Do we have to pay for them?

If the retroactivity is received prior to the invoice being created (see 7 above), and the member was included on the current invoice, you will pay for the termed member. The retroactive credit for that member will be included on the following month’s invoice.

What happens if we terminate our plan with Delta Dental?

The ACH payment pull will be stopped after the final payment for active coverage has processed. Please note your group has a retro period where eligibility changes can be made. This can result in retroactive charges on the account that would require a manual payment from your company to resolve. Any credit balance left on the account after the retro period is satisfied will be reviewed for refund.

Can individual sub locations be set up with different bank accounts?

Yes. Each sub-account can be set up with different banking information if the sub-accounts are invoiced separately. If the group receives one invoice with all sub-accounts listed on the one invoice, different bank accounts cannot be set up at this time.

If there is a credit balance on the account, will the ACH debit pull still happen?

ACH debit pulls will only be completed if there is an amount owing.

Invoicing Questions

If we sign up for ACH debit pull, will anything change in the way I receive my invoice?

No. Your invoices will continue to come to you in the format you are currently receiving it, either by mail or online.