Pay My Bill Online - Groups

There are two online payment methods you can use: ACH Debit/Auto Pay* and Alacriti Payments LLC, a service of Bank of America.

Please activate your online bill pay account before making your payment.

Choose the preferred payment method for your organization in the boxes below.

*If you have submitted an Authorization Agreement for Automatic Payments with us, you have elected ACH Debit/Auto Pay as your primary payment method. Account transactions made through Alacriti Payments may result in fee duplications.


Groups Only: ACH Debit/Auto Pay

Please use your Group ID number as shown on your invoice.

Groups: Alacriti Payments, LLC

Please use your Group ID number as shown on your invoice and 5-digit billing zip code


Providers will need Customer Number (as shown on refund invoices) and 5-digit Zip Code

If you have any questions about how to make payments, give us a call at 800-554-1907. We’re happy to help.