Introducing DeltaVision® for groups 2-99

Designed to fit any budget, for groups between 2-99 employees

Vision benefits are a natural complement to quality dental benefits. That’s why we’ve partnered with VSP Vision Care to offer affordable, best-in-class coverage and streamlined administration.

Note: Employer costs will vary dependent upon plan design, employer contribution, number of employees/dependents enrolled, and rating factors such as geography and industry.

Five reasons for adding DeltaVision®

  1. Value packed plans: Both quality of eye care delivery and the quality of eye-wear options that are affordable and the latest designer styles.
  2. Extensive network: From 96,000 VSP network doctors including 21,000 retail chain access points.
  3. Superior Service: All DeltaVison details such as claims and location of providers can be accessed from a member MySmile account.
  4. Ease of Administration: From quoting to billing we make it easy to pair dental and vision benefits, they are consolidated for greater convenience.
  5. Eligibility: Vision benefits are only offered in conjunction with a Delta Dental of Washington Small Business Plan.

For more information or help with a quote:
Local phone: 206-528-5335
Toll free: 877-404-0364

* These are benefit highlights only. Additional details and rates will be provided after completing the “Get a Quote” form. Rates are based upon geography, number of employees, plan selection, and industry type..