5 reasons why Delta Dental is good for your bottom line

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  1. For groups of 2 to 9 enrolled employees:
    • Employer Paid Plans – We require 100% of eligible employees to enroll or it can be tied to company’s medical plan enrollment. Eligibility is set by the group. Employees who have other group coverage can be excluded from eligibility count. We require 50% of dependents to enroll or it can be tied to company’s medical plan enrollment.
    • Voluntary enrollment is two employees or 20% of eligible employees, whichever is more.
  2. These are benefit highlights only. Monthly premiums shown are examples of monthly rates for subscriber-only in Washington, effective January 2024. Actual rates may vary (higher or lower) based on plan choice, your location, number of people insured, business industry and location. For full details of plan, benefits, and pricing, please complete the form to get a quote.
    • There are no waiting periods on group plans.
    • Dependents are eligible for benefits through age 25..
    • The benefit contract year is January through December. A group will renew each year on the same month they sign up.
    • Open enrollment occurs each year for the renewal month.
  3. For businesses with 51– 99 enrolled employees per entity, we’d love to help you in our brokered channel. Contact us through your Broker or our Sales team to get your quote: Email SmallGroupSales@deltadentalwa.com or call 206-528-2314 or toll free 877-404-0364.
  4. Employers in the industries listed below may receive discounted rates: Accommodation and Food Services, Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting, Construction, Manufacturing, Retail Trade, Services (except Public Administration), Transportation and Warehousing.
  5. Prices are estimated employer cost per employee per month and may not include employee contribution. Employer costs will vary dependent upon plan design, employer contribution, number of employees/dependents enrolled, and rating factors such as geography and industry.
  6. Voluntary Plan contracts are with employer groups for the full premium amounts for enrolled employees and dependents. Employees typically pay the full cost of the premium with this plan without a contribution from the employer.