Introducing Health360

A Bundled Medical and Dental Plan with Kaiser Permanente


For questions or to request a Health360 quote, please contact your Delta Dental of Washington Sales Executive or Client Manager.

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We’ve partnered with Kaiser Permanente to offer a fully integrated medical and dental plan. Health360™ combines the medical excellence of Kaiser Permanente with the nation-leading dental coverage of Delta Dental in one simple, comprehensive plan that streamlines care. This plan is available for groups with 51 or more employees.

Integrated Coverage for Whole Body Health

Health360 makes it effortless for employers to offer staff a patient-first plan that encourages whole body health. Offering dual access to both medical and dental care, the plan makes it easy while encouraging members to maintain their overall health. This eased approach centered in preventive health helps build better long-term wellness, and close care gaps for members who might put off care when faced with managing two separate plans.

Simple & Streamlined

The plan features a single point of contact for many aspects of medical and dental administration and a single combined quote for a complete health package, streamlining the experience for many aspects of care. Who doesn’t love simplicity?

Comprehensive & Cost-Effective

Health360’s bundled pricing and shared invoicing helps to support business goals. On top of closing care gaps and streamlining plan administration, the plan incentivizes members to practice preventive care and healthy dental behaviors, which may improve your bottom line by helping to decrease the need for pricey treatments that may result from delayed dental care.

incentive plans lead to healthier behaviors
poor employee health can cost you

Incentives for All Patients

With its special focus on preventive dental care, Health360 offers incentives that reward members for practicing healthy dental behaviors! Members who receive preventive dental care can increase their annual maximum year-over-year until they reach their upper limit. This emphasis on preventive practices helps to emphasize healthy dental behaviors and better health care choices by making them fun, easy, and rewarding.

Annual Step Increase Example

annual step increase example

Rewarding Healthy Actions

rewarding healthy actions

Support for Higher-Risk Patients

This new plan also builds in unique benefits for those experiencing diabetes, pregnancy, and cardiovascular disease among our membership. This is done in a few ways:

  1. Extra preventive dental cleaning, and exam offered annually to patients with qualifying conditions, at no additional charge.
  2. Incentive rewards of increased total benefit when preventive care is used. Enhanced dental benefits to help higher-risk patients stay healthy.
  3. Identifying and reaching out to at-risk patients for dental case management through our connected care network, while ensuring that specific diagnoses remain confidential.
  4. Consulting data, such as data showing that treating gum disease can have a positive cost impact on certain health conditions, including diabetes, pregnancy, and cardiovascular disease, and building this knowledge into the care plan.

Bundled Care = A Bundle of Joy for Employers & Employees

The Health360 Plan in a Nutshell:

  1. Bundled medical and dental care from two trusted institutions
  2. Simple, streamlined coverage with single quotes and points of contact
  3. A comprehensive, cost-effective design that may improve your bottom line
  4. A focus on preventive dental care with member incentives
  5. A coordinated patient-first plan that encourages total wellness
  6. Enhanced dental benefits to help higher-risk patients stay healthy
  7. Available for sale in September 2020 for coverage effective January 1, 2021

Health360 Plan Highlights

health360 plan highlights

For questions or to request a Health360 quote, please contact your Delta Dental of Washington Sales Executive or Client Manager.

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