Group Implementation

Welcome to Delta Dental of Washington. We are delighted to serve your organization and guide your employees to a healthy smile.

    As a new group member, we would like to take you step by step through the implementation process.
  1. Setting up your automatic payment account or ACH.
    • Why automatic payments? Automatic payments are the most secure method for the transfer of funds and provide a consistent and reliable payment structure.
    • How long does it take? The form is simple to fill out and takes just a few minutes to complete.
    • Fill out the form here: Link to form

  2. Register your organization for an online enrollment account.
    • Why online enrollment? Your account will give you secure 24/7 access to all your group’s Benefit Summaries, Contracts and Renewal documents in one place.
    • You will have two account viewing options to choose from:
      • Full Access allows you to manage your enrollment changes online, in real time whenever changes are needed.
      • View Only Access allows you to view the enrollment. This option is for groups who submit enrollment via paper forms or electronic files.
      • Fill out the Online enrollment form here. The completed forms are automatically sent to Online Applications.
    • To download the paper version click here: Online enrollment form. Next, email your completed application to: or fax to (206) 985-4783
    • Download the OE User Guide for all the information you may need here.

  3. Communication from Delta Dental of Washington. Within two weeks your official coverage documents will be emailed to your broker, or group contact if there is no broker. The broker will review all documents for accuracy before sharing with the group.
    • Benefit Booklets: Detailed description of the dental plan for the member
    • New Group documents: This includes the official contract and other documents regarding your new plan. Delta Vision plan information will be included if this has been selected. These documents will also be available in your new online account.

    *Please note: Plan documents are available in other languages upon request

  4. Preparing your employees. Each new member will need to sign up for MySmile® a personal online account.
    • Why an online account? Each member will have 24/7 access to their ID Card, all claims, plan benefits, personalized procedure estimates and more.
    • Registered members will also have access to our Member Discount Program. The link is located in the MySmile® dashboard, here members can find hundreds of exclusive discounts on nationwide products and services from brands they love and trust.
    • New member MySmile registration: Sign Up Here
    • Member ID Cards are available in MySmile and can be used electronically in the dentist office. Physical cards will be issued and may take up to 30 days to arrive. Please note the subscriber ID number is the same for all members of the family who have elected coverage.
    • If your group has chosen to bundle DeltaVision with your new Delta Dental plan, see answers to common questions here.
    • Direct members to our Find a Dentist tool to locate an in-network dentist
  5. Share the benefit booklet with your members. We recommend posting it to your intranet site.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q: When can I expect an invoice?

A: Invoices are generated on or around the 15th of each month. Once enrolled in the Online Enrollment tool, you will receive an email notification the moment your invoice is available.

Q: I made a change after the invoice was generated. Can I deduct the premium from my payment?

A: Future invoices will show changes made since the last invoice. Payments should be made as billed. Changes made after the invoice is generated are shown on the next invoice. This includes credits, charges, and any other adjustments.

Q: I need to make a retro-active change to a member’s enrollment. Can this be done?

A: Retroactive changes are allowed within 60 days. These are updates made to employees and/or their dependents effective in the past, will need to be sent to your Group Administration Representative.

Q: What is the Member Discount Program?

A: This is an exclusive program for Delta Dental of Washington members. With access through MySmile®, members can find discounts on hundreds of products and services. From travel and home help to groceries and much much more—offers are updated regularly.

General Contacts:

Small Group Team
Customer Service 1-800-554-1907 Mon-Friday 8am- 5pm pacific or Contact Us
For Your Group’s specifically assigned team please refer to the Welcome Email.