How to Get Your Delta Dental ID Card



One of the most common questions our members ask is “How do I get my Delta Dental ID card?” The answer is simple, but there are a few steps along the way.

We’re here to help you understand how to access your Delta Dental card when you don’t receive one in the mail, as well as knowing when and how to use your Delta Dental insurance card information at the dentist.

Why Didn’t I Receive a Delta Dental Insurance Card?

The answer here is simple -- because you don't actually need a Delta Dental insurance card to access your dental insurance benefits!

If you purchased an individual or family plan, either directly through Delta Dental or on the dental exchange, you won’t get a Delta Dental insurance card in the mail. This is also true for many employer-sponsored plans, although some companies may request printed Delta Dental ID cards for their employees.

How Do I Get a Hard Copy of My Delta Dental Card?

If you prefer a hard copy of your Delta Dental insurance card, no sweat. Our online tools make it easy to digitally access your ID card.


Two steps to get a printed Delta Dental Insurance card:

Step one: Register or sign in to your MySmile® account

Step two: Print your Delta Dental card right from your dashboard

You don’t need your member ID number to create a MySmile® account. Our registration form includes a tool that helps you find it.

Why can’t I get a Delta Dental ID card for my dependents?

Delta Dental insurance cards only show the subscriber’s name, as it is their benefit plan. Every dependent on your Delta Dental plan uses the same subscriber number, so you don’t need a separate ID card for dependents.

When they see a dentist, your dependents show your Delta Dental card or simply provide your full name and date of birth, your subscriber number, your employer name (if applicable) and your mailing address.

Do I show my Delta Dental card at every dentist appointment?

No. Your dentist’s office staff needs to see your Delta Dental insurance card, or gather the information from it, on your first visit only. After that, you only need to share your ID card if you make changes to your Delta Dental plan.

Ready to access your Delta Dental ID card?