PSA: Avocados are Good for Your Teeth

March 21, 2019

Say the word ‘avocado’ anywhere in 2019, and you can easily trigger someone into thinking about stock photos of hip looking millennials and overpriced avocado toast.

It’s true. Many people scoff at avocados, mostly because they are expensive and partly because of the stereotype that is associated with people who eat them. But avocado haters can complain all they want, because this little green fruit isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Americans consume around seven pounds of avocado each year, and it’s not by accident.

Avocados are in everything now. It’s in our ice cream, in our salad dressing, in our smoothies and even in sacred desserts like brownies and chocolate pudding. There are seemingly no food items that haven’t been infiltrated with some type of an avocado twist. But the rise of avocados is nothing to fear, especially since research has shown that avocados can play an important role in helping to keep your teeth healthy. This means that from now on, you can feel even better about your morning avo toast routine.

3 Ways Avocado Can Help Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Avocados are Full of Folic Acid

You’ve probably seen folic acid in the vitamin aisle at your local pharmacy before. It’s a natural vitamin that plays an important role in managing the way our cells divide, including the cells that make up gum tissue. When your body has the right amount of of folic acid, your gum tissue can fight back against inflammation and bleeding. The best part about this is that you don’t have to go back to the vitamin aisle to get your fix of folic acid. Avocados happen to have more folic acid in them compared to any other popular fruit.

They Have High Potassium Levels

Also known as Vitamin K, potassium plays an important role in keeping bones strong. It also helps regulate body fluids and waste removal. It’s a vitamin that isn’t talked about as often, but has huge benefits not only for your body but for your teeth as well. When your body has enough potassium, the integrity and structure of your pearly whites is strengthened, lessening your risk of tooth decay. Eating just one cup of avocado can provide you with around 700 grams of potassium.

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They Contain Natural Phytochemicals

Phytochemicals (also called phytonutrients) are the nutrients you get from eating dark colored fruits or vegetables. As a dark colored fruit, avocados happen to be rich in antioxidants that work to protect your gums and other body tissue from bacterial infection. The way it works is that avocados naturally contain probiotic bacteria, which is the good bacteria known to fight off harmful bacteria. When this good bacteria is introduced to your mouth, it helps maintain the right balance to ward off tooth decay and bad breath..

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