The dental industry is going paperless! Learn how you can follow the trend.

Go Paper-Free with Delta Dental

March 22, 2016

Peace out, paper! Along with pagers and LaserDisc players, paper bills and statements are (practically) in the past. 

In a world where Facebook photo albums are more prevalent than polaroids, nearly every company is in digital mode.

But what if you prefer an old-fashioned hardback book to an e-reader? Or a pen and paper over a Word doc and laptop? 

We get it—the change isn’t easy for paper people. Here are a few reasons to go paper-free with you dental insurance:

We make it super easy to go digital!

Our MySmile® personal benefits center gives you secure, 24/7 online access to everything you need to manage your dental coverage.

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Digital dental insurance information is safer.

Almost 85% of identity theft cases are due to paper trails, according to Javelin Strategy and Research. This includes mailed transactions, stolen bills, statements and lost checkbooks. Electronic accounts provide real-time updates, so you can discover account fraud faster.

Digital databases are easier to manage than stacks of paper.

Bury the paper before it buries you! And nix the shredder because everything you currently get on paper is available online. Access your ID card, eligibility, claims and more. Plus, reading screens IS harder than reading paper, so you can still print what you need when you need it.

Digital dental documents are better for the environment.

Subscribers who sign up for online statements contribute to the conservation of 151 million pounds of paper. How’s that for an easy way to go green?! 

And opening mail should be fun.

We know getting a claims summary from your insurance company is as exhilarating as receiving a pre-qualified credit card offer. We want you to be excited to check your mail or hear from us. Save snail mail for the good stuff—like hand-written cards, party invites and celebrity gossip magazines. Then, sign up for real-time insurance email notifications from us.

Ready to take the paperless plunge?

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