Healthy smiles are our mission

Employees value dental benefits and consider it a necessary part of benefits packages. So, caring for their oral health deserves a singular focus. Partner with us and discover the difference.

A different kind of benefit requires a different kind of carrier :

We believe in the power of a healthy smile  
With more than 120 systemic diseases showing symptoms in the mouth, regular oral health checkups can improve overall health.  In addition, most dental disease is preventable, and regular check-ups can prevent more serious – and more expensive -- problems down the line. 

We really want members to use their benefits
We encourage the use of regular oral exams, cleanings and preventive measures.  Not only does it keep employees healthier, each employee who gets regular oral examinations cost companies an average $338 less* in healthcare costs than those employees who don’t.

Healthier employees mean healthier companies 
Good oral care has a positive effect on people physically, mentally, and emotionally. An added bonus for employers, it has a positive effect on the productivity of their employees. Those with good oral care are healthier, therefore they take less time off.*

We work hard to build the future of dental  
We invest much time and energy in our specialized line of benefits.  This keeps us on the forefront of innovative care. We partner with dentists, have dentists on staff and use dental scientific research to build the right plans for you and your employees.

Shouldn’t you work with a dental benefits carrier that values your business? 

We value our patients, our clients and our community.  And we work to prove that every day, in everything we do. It’s who we are and what our mission is all about. 

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*Healthentic – Delta Dental of Washington Book of Business 2016