Don’t disrupt their dental coverage

Go with ALLtech to leave them smiling.

ALLtech offers comprehensive health and wellness benefits for Pacific Northwest innovators. We cover more tech workers than any other dental carrier in Washington State. 

Our partnership with ALLtech allows your employees to continue the industry-leading dental benefits plans, best-in-class service and innovative support they enjoy and trust.

There’s a reason so many tech companies trust us to protect their employees’ smiles.

We have the largest network of dental providers in the State

With 4,489 dentists in our network, members can continue to visit the dentists they already love.

Our plans focus on prevention versus treatment 

We encourage the use of regular oral exams, cleanings and preventive measures. Not only does it keep employees healthier, each employee who gets regular oral examinations cost companies an average of $338 less* in healthcare costs than those employees who don’t.

Employees care about their dental benefits  

Offer them wellness-focused plans that rival the benefits offered by big corporations. It helps you attract and retain talented employees.

ALLtech makes it simple and easy to retain your Delta Dental plan. 

Visit to learn more and request a quote.

*Delta Dental of Washington Book of Business Healthentic Report 2016