Healthy smiles are our mission

We’ve lead the dental benefits industry for 60+ years.

In fact, we built it with the longshoremen of Seattle in 1954. In helping their children gain access to dental care, we helped create a way for all Washingtonians to keep their smiles healthy.

Today we support over 5,000 Washington-based companies and their employees; large and small, state-wide and across the nation.  

Why do these companies trust us?

We are a nonprofit, mission-driven company 
Shareholders don’t rule our decisions. We base them on our mission to disrupt, transform and revolutionize the oral health industry in order to remove barriers to health care and improve overall health. We use our assets to improve oral health for all Washingtonians: through supporting research, influencing policy and providing oral health education.

We are residents of Eastern and Western Washington—all 300 of us! 
This allows us to offer exceptional in-state customer support and truly connect with our members. You get the satisfaction of knowing you are partnering with a truly local company.

We put social responsibility into action through the Arcora Foundation 
We fund the Arcora Foundation to ensure at-risk communities have access to good oral health care. In 2016, we contributed $9.4 million to the foundation to support the health of Washington State residents.

Learn more about our company, history and community investments.

We believe everyone deserves a healthy smile. Partner with us.