Smile with Pride

October 28, 2022

Photo Credit: Nate Gowdy

Whether your smile is straight, crooked, buck-toothed, or gay as the day is long, Delta Dental wants everyone to smile with pride.

Since 2017, our employees have marched in the Seattle Pride Parade in solidarity with the LGBTQIA+ community to help create unity, honor diversity, and achieve equal human rights for all.

Take pride in your smile by sharing your Pride celebration photos with us on Instagram, tagging @DeltaDentalWA and using #SmileWithPride in the text, and you may see yourself in Delta Dental’s “Smile with Pride” section of Seattle Pride Magazine.

While we enjoy celebrating all colors of the rainbow with our LGBTQIA+ family, friends, and colleagues each June as part of Pride Month, our commitment extends year-round – including efforts currently in development to connect folks to LGBTQIA+ friendly dentists, and to expand the number of LGBTQIA+ students who choose to enter the dental profession, as part of a larger strategy to reduce barriers to care so that everyone can enjoy good oral health with no one left behind.