We want you to use your benefits, and we’ve enlisted our favorite boy bands to help explain why.

Why to Use Your Preventive Benefits Before the New Year, as Described by Boy Bands

November 8, 2016

A new year wipes the slate clean. And while that’s a good thing for your resolutions, it can be a missed opportunity for your dental benefits. You’re probably asking, “Tell me why?” Well, not taking advantage of your benefits ain’t ‘nothin but a mistake. Here’s why:

• Oh My God It’s Back Again (Your Deductible)

A deductible is the set dollar amount you’re required to pay before your dental coverage contributes to your costs. And if you go to pay for a procedure in 2017, it will creep up on you like a BSB reunion. If you’ve already met your deductible for the year—even if you’re close—it’s worth squeezing in non-emergency care.

• Say Bye, Bye, Bye to Unused Benefits

Like Justin and Britney’s relationship, your dental benefits will expire. Most dental plans cover preventive procedures at 100%. This typically includes routine exams, x-rays, fluoride, cleanings and sealants for kids.

If you or your dependents have unused benefits, schedule those last-minute appointments now. Sign in to MySmile® and  view your plan specifics to see what's covered.

• Prevent Larger Than Life Dental Problems

Dental plans are designed around prevention. And every dollar you spend on preventive care often helps save you money later in restorative care and emergency procedures. Dental checkups can detect problems early—and in some cases—before they start.

Once you use your benefits, remember to smile! After all, that’s what makes you beautiful.