What details do you know about your dental plan?

5 Details You Should Know about Your Dental Benefits

September 13, 2016

Dental benefits are an essential component of your overall wellness. Studies show people with dental coverage have better oral and overall health outcomes.

We're here to help you get the most from your plan to keep your smile healthy.

5 things to know about your coverage:

Q: How much is your premium?

Why it matters: A premium is your monthly payment for your benefits plan. Knowing this amount helps you stay financially accountable. 

Q: What's your deductible?

Why it matters: A deductible is the amount you pay before benefits your plan pays. Knowing this amount helps you budget for future dental treatments.

Q: How long is your waiting period?

Why it matters: A waiting period is how long you must be enrolled in a plan before your full coverage comes into play. It typically applies to major treatments like implants. Know this timeframe to help you plan for future costs and procedures.

Q: What do your benefits cover?

Why it matters: Coverage depends on your specific plan design. Knowing what's covered will set expectations for upcoming dental procedures.

Bonus: All of our plan designs focus on preventive care. We want you to stay on top of your preventive dental visits. It helps keep your smile healthy and prevent painful problems down the road.

Q: What's your plan's dental network?

Why it matters: Every dental plan is designed to use a specific dental network. Dentists who participate in your plan's network are to as "in-network providers." They agree to provide services at discounted rates and file all claims forms for you. You maximize your dental benefits and save the most money when you visit a dentist who participates in your plan's network.